Enhance Learning for Your Students With These VIDEO Social Stories, Sensory Songs, Brain Breaks and more...

Engaging & effective videos that your students will enjoy while they participate, learn and grow. Created by Professionals in Special Education and Occupational Therapy

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Build Independence

Set goals for students with clear learning targets.

Minimize Outbursts

Remove the stress of transitioning between tasks.


Foster an atmosphere of calm and consistent control.

Ease Apprehensions

Help students with transitions through rhythmic Social Stories.

Improve Attention

Sensory input strategies to improve regulation.


Our engaging and educational video series allows you to easily create stress free, seamless transitions for your special needs students to build their independence and minimize emotional outbursts.

Eliminate the struggle to maintain peace in the classroom as well as the guilt of taking time away from other students.

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"2020 Award Winner of Victoria's Secret PINK Entrepreneurial Project in the Education Category"


Social Emotional Learning

Students will learn strategies from the social emotional curriculum that will enhance their well-being by promoting self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness and much more.

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“My students have such a wonderful time engaging in and participating in the videos!"

-Danielle (Educator)

“I literally use the handwashing video with my students every morning! LOVE IT!!”

-Sarah (Educator)

“The videos are well designed and will serve as a great resource for teachers!" 

-Laura (Administrator)


Videos to Entertain, Educate and Engage.

This video series includes Brain Breaks Videos, Healthy Habits Videos, Social Stories Videos, Sensory Songs Videos, Dance Videos & Yoga videos.

Your students will be delighted to join with Miss J & Miss K; singing and moving along to the extremely catchy and fun songs and choreography, while also growing and developing into happier, less stressed, stronger and independent individuals.

What's Included

Brain Breaks

A mental break for students that re-energizes the mind and provides boosts in productivity. Each video integrates proprioceptive and vestibular input movements that stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the brain, helping students to stay focused throughout the day.

Social Stories for Transitions

Ease apprehensions about unpleasant changes in a child’s environment. Each video uses a “social-story" format that walks the user through changes they may experience throughout their day to allow a smooth transition.

Healthy Habits

Teaches life-skills, by incorporating effective nutrition and hygiene practices through lyrical social stories. Our Healthy Habits videos work to set our users up for an independent and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Videos

A combination of movement, breathing and meditation designed to calm the mind and body. This collection helps to reduce stress, control emotions and increase concentration.

Sensory Station

Helps regulate children’s systems and get their bodies ready to learn. It provides carefully tailored sequences using vestibular and proprioceptive input, as well as strategic movements that activate muscles and both sides of the brain. These videos will help regulate brains and bodies into an ideal zone for learning. 

Dance Videos

Designed to get our users moving! This collection embodies exercise, movement and repetition to create a fun and engaging experience for our users.

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Miss J & Miss K

Miss J is a Certified Special Education Teacher who holds her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood/Childhood Education and her Master’s Degree in Childhood Special Education.

Miss K is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science, a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy with a Pediatric Specialization Certificate.

They each have years of experience working with children of varying ages that have a wide range of behavioral, cognitive, and physical abilities.

“The Sensory Station, Yoga, and Brain Breaks are especially beneficial because they include movements that provide sensory input to help increase focus and attention!”

-Jennifer (Occupational Therapist)

"My students enjoyed the songs-they were “catchy” & easy to learn-the accompanying movements flowed with the song -making learning them easy."

-Teresa (Teacher)

“The videos are the perfect length to keep the students’ attention, while simultaneously also providing the anticipated feedback of our therapy sessions!"

-Victoria (Occupational Therapist)

Catchy & Memorable Melodies

Musical lines and phrases designed specifically for quick retention in special minds, so that your students will feel the pride and satisfaction of being able to begin singing along even after the very first listen!

Engaging & Intentional Choreography

Easy-to-follow, inclusive movements that were intentionally designed to provide strategic sensory input. This series makes use of very natural and repetitive motion that will give your students a whole new level of fun and excitement when approaching daunting tasks.

24/7 Access on All Devices

Enjoy the convenience of being able to access our videos from any device at any time. Your students can benefit from calming, stress-reducing focus that our videos offer, wherever and whenever the need presents itself.

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair accessibility and representation throughout series. All videos include a seated modification to accommodate and include all levels of ability.

Start Mastering Your Goals Today!

“It is a helpless feeling knowing the stress that a student may face when having to change activities. It can be challenging enough for the students to handle tasks independently, and I just want them to be able to have more peace while they are learning so they can enjoy the process as much as the outcomes.”

This is something that many teachers of special needs students experience; we just care so much about these students and we want them to have as little stress as possible.

We created this video series to deal with these issues head on. But not only did we want to solve these problems, we wanted the students to enjoy the process of developing. For them, it turns something daunting, confusing and frustrating into something fun and engaging that they actually look forward to doing!

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