What is Minute Masters?

Minute Masters is a series of educational movement videos designed to captivate and motivate learners to master new skills- all in under a minute!

Researched Based

Our videos are based on principles from special education, occupational therapy, sensory processing, and child development.

Created by Professionals

Designed by a Certified Special Education Teacher and an Occupational Therapist with extensive training and experience in both special and general education.

Sensory Regulation

Utilizes principles of sensory processing to regulate bodies & minds. Carefully designed combinations of vestibular input, proprioceptive input and belly breathing—all in appropriate sequences.

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair accessibility and representation throughout series. All videos include a seated modification to accommodate and include all levels of ability.

Social Stories

Rhythmic, lyrical social stories designed to explain expectations during transitions and to alleviate apprehensions about changes that take place during the day.

Learning Targets

Strategic statements created with language that sets clear goals for our users, designed to increase student engagement and achievement.

Specifically designed to engage all levels of abilities.


Created by professionals who have combined their areas of expertise in Special Education & Occupational Therapy, working to help individuals reach new goals, gain confidence, improve independence and increase daily engagement.

Minute Masters provides minute-long video instruction strategically designed to retain attention and support skill development for our learners.